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First Summer 6/6 Breed, VFX Leeks, Questionable Transactions

baronar and enjoi discuss the First Summer 6/6 Breed, Hedge Funds Defaulting, The BigYakAxieClub Faction War, New VFX Leeks, New Games Launching, and Questionable Transaction Accusations around the Ronin Bridge Hack.

Centenial Episode!

baronar and enjoi are joined by a host of Sky Mavis Team members to celebrate their 100th episode! Leeks, News, and More!

Summer Breeding Spectacular

enjoi and baronar discuss the Lunacian Summer Breeding Event, new AxieCon info, Origin updates and a new community feedback tool.

Jiho joins to talk Dev Update, Land, Origin, and Runes/Charms

Baronar and enjoi are joined by Sky Mavis' own JIHO to discuss the Dev update, Land progress, Origin, and some theories surrounding Runes and Charms NFTs/SLP spend.

Land Staking LIVE, Ronin Pay? Origin Update & AxieCon

baronar and enjoi discuss Land Staking FINALLY going live, a team members mention of Ronin Pay, and new Origin updates.

Ronin Bridge BACK BABY! Mystic/Land Madness, End of V2 and Season 21

baronar and enjoi discuss the ronin bridge's return, land staking going live this week, mystic Axie and Land sales heating up, and a warm goodbye to V2 and Season 21.

Ronin Bridge and Land Staking updates, Origin 4 Step Plan

baronar and enjoi discuss the updates regarding the Ronin Bridge go-live dates, Land Staking, and the newly announced 4-step Plan for Origin rollout.

Origin Update, Builders Program Projects, Ronin Bridge Delay

baronar and enjoi discuss the recent Origin update, some of the 12 projects chosen for the Builders Program, the Ronin Bridge delay, Working in the Metaverse, and more!

Interview with Special Guest Philip La

Enjoi and Baronar are joined by Philip La to discuss his role as the product lead at Sky Mavis, as well as his views on game economies, building and growth at Sky Mavis.

Market Meltdowns, Tokenomic Structures, ??????????

enjoi and baronar discuss the recent market meltdown, building in a bear market, ideal tokenomic structures, and the cryptic "?????????" posted by the axie team.

"Owl of Moistness" joins to discuss Land Staking Development

baronar and enjoi are joined by Solidity Dev "Owl of Moistness" to discuss what its like working with the Sky Mavis team and the thought process behind Land Staking. They also cover the Crypto downturn, SLP Burn Contract, and more!

Land Staking!, Free vs Paid Metaverse, and Genesis Rush

baronar and enjoi discuss the newly announced Land Staking details, ponder whether a free or paid metaverse experience makes more sense, and covers this weeks Genesis land rush.

Season 21 rewards UP, Ron Free Tx's DOWN, Jihos Leek.

enjoi and baronar discuss Season 21 rewards UP, Ron Free Tx's DOWN, Jihos Leek.

Marketplace Updates, Land Gameplay Teaser, Ronin Bridge Exploiters Identified.

Baronar and Enjoi chat about Marketplace Updates, Land Gameplay Teaser, land staking? Ronin Bridge Exploiters Identified, and much more.

Ronin Refunded, Origin Launch, & Land Info Sesh

Baronar and enjoi discuss the intense week - including the binance/sky mavis funding round to refund the ronin bridge exploit, origin launching, and the community uproar after the Land information Presentation.

Ronin Hack, Runes and Charms, Starter Axie Lore

After a change of scenery last week to discuss the Ronin Hack in a more intimate setting, Baronar and Enjoi are back. They discuss developments in the case, The Rune and Charms leeks, and cover never before seen info about the new Starter Axies and the Lore behind them.

Season 20 Wrap-Up, Origin on Deck, News from the Metaverse!

With Origin launch being confirmed only 1 week away, baronar and enjoi discuss the results from season 20, Season 21 of Axie Classic, various leeks from the team, and other news from the NFT world.

Horn Cards, 2021 Market domination, Land & DAOs

Baronar and Enjoi discuss new leeks of Mouth and Back cards, Axies 2021 NFT market domination, and the rising occurance of DAO Models and Big organizations buying into metaverse land.

Mouth & Back Cards, Mystic Love, Governance Improvements

Baronar and Enjoi are joined by Steve Woody to discuss the Axie League Tournament Series and Community built SLP Burn Mechanisms. They then jump into an action packed week, covering new leeks of Mouth and Back cards, Mystic Axies finally getting some love, and Sky Mavis improving their community discussion around large economic decisions.

Quinn CoHosts - Creator Codes, Marketplace Fee Bump, Tail Cards!

Baronar is joined by Sky Mavis Marketing Lead Quinn to discuss the rollout of Creator Codes w/ its attached marketplace fee bump, some of the backlash against the initiative, Origin Tail Card Leeks, and more!

Community Lead SYNTAX joins! - Economy, Dev Update, Land De-Tokenization??

enjoi and baronar are joined by Sky Mavis' new Community Lead for one of their most highly rated episodes yet! Up for discussion was the Axie DAO, Phil's Views on the Axie Economy, Feb Dev Update, and rumors of Land De-Tokenization???

Origin Announcement, Marketing Update, New Cards, Runes & Charms!

enjoi and baronar discuss the litany of new information released this week, including the Origin announcement, Quinns Marketing Plan, and info about new Cards, Runes, Charms, and Abilities!

MMA Gaming joins to talk Econ Changes, Origin LEEKS, and SLP Volatility Prevention

enjoi and baronar are joined by MMA Gaming to discuss Sky Mavis sniping Pokemon Go Talent, the SLP reductions in upcoming Season 20, awesome builders program submissions. We've got Leeks about Origin Axie Progression mechanics! And MMA wraps it up w/ discussion about how Guilds, Players, Scholarships can protect themselves against SLP volatility.

Sky Mavis' own Jiho joins to talk SLP, Origin, Progression Systems, etc.

Jiho drops in w/ Baronar and Enjoi to answer some of the communities most pressing and hard hitting questions. Nothings left on the table as they discuss the status of SLP and its role in the future, Origin launch dates, Progression and Burn Systems, Key New Hires, and much more.

LNY Event, Builders Program, Joined by Sky Mavis Marketing Lead QUINN!!

Baronar and Enjoi are joined by Sky Mavis' new Marketing Lead Quinn to discuss the recent round of hiring, the Lunar New Years Axie Sink Event, the New Builders Program and More!

Origin Leeks, Land Sneak Peaks, and Economic Tweaks - All-AXS Pass Announcement

Baronar and Enjoi discuss an uptick in Sky Mavis Communication, revolving around their Economic Balancing Dev Journal, Land and battles V3 (Origin) leeks. AxieChat All-AXS Passes for 2022 are now on sale!

2021 Year in Review w/ Guest Host Spike!

Spike returns to help enjoi close out the year w/ an Axie Year in Review. They discuss the major events from 2021 and speculate on what will happen in 2022. Baronar returns next week!

DaveVSAxie Guest Hosts, The Jiho Interview, Typhoon Odette

Enjoi is joined by DaveVsAxie to discuss Dave's recent interview w/ Jiho, and the amazing community support during the Philippines run in with Typhoon Odette.

Christmas Toy Drive, Team News, NFT Adoption Growing

We start off this episode with a great guest, Spike! He's letting us know about his Christmas gift drive #axiemastoydrive Great discussion about all the recent team news and information regarding Axie Infinity, its future and the current state of affairs!

SLP Concerns, Product Pipeline, and the need for Education in Axie

Baronar and Enjoi discuss the communities SLP Concerns, take a stab at Product Pipeline timeline, and explore the need for broader Education in Axie.

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